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Aatmic Science Newsletter, Dec 06-Jan 07

Dear Friends,

It is a pleasure to discern that you, as a member of the Aatmic Science Forum, have been regularly visiting this Forum. We are pleased to share with you that our website is now becoming popular in all parts of the world and almost half of the visitors are now from the western hemisphere.

In the previous months we published articles which provided a new paradigm of understanding the world and life.  The articles explained the fundamentals of weight management and addiction, provided a new concept to understand the art of human communication, discussed the importance of infinitesimal in the world and explored the concept of paradise. The brief descriptions of the articles are as following.

The Language of Unspoken Words

Human communication is a complex subject. Extensive researches have been done to understand the nonverbal communication like body-language to improve the communication skill of man.  However, the real messages of the man can not be understood by the literal interpretation of the words or even in the body language as those are “encrypted” in the languages. This article provides a new paradigm of the relationship between body, mind and soul and explains the real mechanism of human understanding using the concepts of Aatmic Science. It explains, how one can communicate the intended message to other people more effectively by the help of unspoken words.

Infinitesimal but be a true particle of the Universe

It is said that when an electron vibrates the whole universe shakes. A few months ago, a cartoon published in a Danish journal resulted in a worldwide turmoil and it indeed proved how a small event can turn the tables globally. This article explains how the entire universe is so intimately connected to each other that even a small event can cause unpredictable influence over the world.

Truth is God

God is a perhaps the biggest mystery for the man.  Man tried to understand God or His nature since the birth of civilization. Today we have so much material about God that it can perhaps fill billions of pages of written texts. God has been defined as father, love, compassionate, just, omnipotent, omnipresent and encompassing all the good attributes of human being. However, many great philosophers including Gandhi defined God as Truth. This article explains the concept of God and explains why Truth alone can be the true description of God.

Change your Nature to Change your Weight

Scientists consider the mind and the body as independent entities of a person. All studies are conducted based on this basic assumption. The result is that today there are innumerable “diets” which all claims to be effective in reducing the weight. There is no consensus amongst the experts what the ideal diet to reduce weight should be. This article explains the fundamental knowledge of body weight and addiction based on the knowledge of the Gita thereby helping the person to choose the food and lifestyle that best suits his nature. This results in effortless reduction of weight and freedom from addiction.

The Concept of Paradise

In almost all religions there is a concept of after-life bliss or paradise. In Hinduism, the oldest religion, the concepts of swarga (paradise) and apvarga (liberation) have been vividly described. Even the ancient Judaism and the Persian Zoroastrianism held belief in after-life and Heaven that was supposed to be populated by gods and angels. In the Chinese Confucian tradition Heaven (Tian) is an important concept, where the ancestors reside and from where the emperors got their mandate to rule. Both Christianity and Islam have very vivid descriptions of their respective paradise. This article explores the concept of paradise in different religions and explains its benefit for the world.

 As you might be aware, the Forum itself and its website have been functioning to fulfill the aims and objectives of its parent body, The Aatmic Science Foundation, a socio-educational-cum-spiritual organization. One of the main objectives of the Foundation is to spread the message of the essential truths of the Indian philosophy with special focus on the Vedas, the Upanishads and the Gita.

The full spectrum of the aims and objectives of the Foundation, which are varied and many, is available on the above website. As you might agree, the objectives with which the Foundation has come into being, are aimed at fulfilling a long-standing need of the modern generation soaked in agnosticism, pessimism and negativism. The Foundation sincerely endeavours to lift the humanity from the depths of depression to the perennial joy which mankind is entitled to, as being the best of the creation of God.

We invite you to become a partner in this endeavour and join the membership of the Foundation, which will entitle you to some special privileges to be announced by the Foundation from time to time. Membership fee for joining the Foundation for life is INR.1000/- only. Please read the eligibility criteria for joining the Aatmic Science Foundation. Please download the Membership Form and send it to the Foundation for membership.

Other members of the Foundation join us in wishing you a very happy and prosperous New Year 2007.


With best wishes

Editorial Team
Aatmic Science Forum


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Aatmic Science Newsletter, November 2006, Volume 2


Dear Friends,

Hermann Joseph Muller:  U. S. geneticist who won Nobel prize for medicine in 1946 stated “To say that a man is made up of certain chemical elements is a satisfactory description only for those who intend to use him as a fertilizer.”

Yet the scientists can’t treat a man otherwise unless they recognize that no matter can be created of its own. There is an invisible and imperceptible reality, which we is known as Aatma or “Soul”, is behind the creation and existence of all material beings. Since our mind is capable of understanding only the signals which are perceptible and logical, many realties of life can’t be explained by mere logic.

In last month, we posted some articles which provide scientific evidences for the nature of the soul and explain the scientific mysteries like snap judgments, intuition and the understanding of the unspoken words. The brief descriptions of these articles are as following-

The Language of Unspoken Words

Man is a unique specie of the world which communicates its messages with other with the help of written or spoken words of a language. However, the real messages are often not understood by the literal interpretation of the words as those are “encrypted” in the spoken words. This article provides a new paradigm of the relationship between body, mind and soul and explains the real mechanism of human understanding using the concepts of Aatmic Science principles. It explains, how one can communicate the intended message to other people more effectively by the help of unspoken words.



Man is the jewel of God’s creation. Unlike other living beings, he is endowed with a personality, freedom for his actions and the power to rationalize. So well-equipped he is supposed to be the happiest creature of the universe. But is it really so? As a matter of fact, he is the least happy. This article explains the reasons for the unhappiness of man despite of the growth and development of human civilization.


Signatures of the Soul: Thin Slicing the Snap Judgments

In a recent research conducted at Princeton University, it has been observed that when we see a new face, we are able to know whether a person is likeable, competent and trustworthy within the tenth of a second. Princeton University psychologist, Alex Todorov has found that people respond intuitively to faces so rapidly that our reasoning minds may not have time to influence the reaction. How we judge people within a fraction of second is still a mystery to scientists and psychologists. The scientists have given this ability of human beings different names like snap judgment, thin-slicing, intuition, subconscious thinking, blink, thinking without thinking or the actions of the second mind. This article for the first time provides  the scientific explanation of snap judgment based on the principles of Aatmic Science.


We hope that you will find these articles useful as well as intellectually stimulating.

Please keep visiting Aatmic Science Forum to read the latest articles and studies of the science of soul.

Please inform your friends about this website and help us in spreading the message of Aatmic Science to the world.

Please forward this Newsletter to your friends.

With best wishes

Editorial Team
Aatmic Science Forum











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