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The Aatmic Science Foundation starts publication of its print magazine Science of Soul and its website ScienceofSoul.com . You can now discuss issues, submit articles online, ask questions from the experts and do much much more on this website. Please visit its website www.scienceofsoul.com for more information..
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I venture to define science as a series of interconnected concepts and conceptual schemes arising from experiment and observation and fruitful of further experiments and observations. The test of a scientific theory is, I suggest, its fruitfulness.

James Bryant Conant

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Science of Soul Magazine and website inaugurated

We are extremely happy to inform you that The Aatmic Science Foundation released its maiden print magazine Science of Soul and launched its website ScienceofSoul.com at a function organized at the India International Centre (Annexe) New Delhi on 30th September 2007. The theme of the inaugural issue of the magazine was the much-needed synthesis between spirituality and science. 

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The Proof of God
The existence of God has always been a subject matter of curiosity as well as controversy. Science is expected to provide logical explanation of the world. Yet the success of science is limited only in the sphere of the material world and people still believe in God as ever before. This article attempts to provide evidence for the existence of God based on the philosophy of Gita.

Author:Awdhesh K Singh


Monotheism and Polytheism: A Choice between Dictatorship and Democracy
Faith and religion are very important aspect of polity. Every country gets the government they want and deserve. This article explores the relationship between the religion and the type of government, a country may have

Author:Awdhesh K Singh


The Gospel of the Celestial Song: Part II
We have seen in the opening chapter of the Gita as to how Arjuna tormented by the thought of killing his kiths and kin in the impending battle at Kurukshetra, tells Lord Krishna about his decision to desist from the fight. Here in Chapter 2, we will see the fascinating spectacle of Lord Krishna overcoming the doubts and delusion of Arjuna and then imparting to him the discourse of the Gita. A persuasive genius as He is, Lord Krishna first alleys Arjuna’s fears, slowly brings him to the spiritual plane and then gives him the all-important message of karmayoga.

Author:Dinesh SIngh


Happiness: When Pain is transformed into Pleasure
Happiness is perhaps the greatest desire of all human beings. Ask any person what he wants in life and he would say that he just wants to be happy. Ask a person as to why he is working so hard to earn more money and he would say that he is doing it so that he can make himself happy. Happiness has always been the most important goal of every human being, yet most people are unhappy with their life and they seem to have no idea of what happiness is. Often we hear that happiness is lack of worry as a famous song says “Don’t worry, be happy”. People have tried to avoid worry even by becoming saints, abstaining from all the worldly pleasure and obligations, which reduced their worries, yet could not given them happiness. Happiness is not simply the absence of worries but also the presence of a positive force

Author:Awdhesh K Singh


Sanatana Dharma: The Truth of Hinduism
The terms ‘Hindu’ and ‘Hinduism’, though much in vogue in the western world, do not find a place in the ancient Indian texts and scriptures. Then, how did these terms originate in the first place? Viewed in this perspective, Sanatana Dharma or Hinduism, as it is more popularly known today, cannot be limited to a certain mode of worship or religious cult. Religion is not an ism, not a bundle of creeds, beliefs, rituals and formulae : say the Hindus. Religion is the whole of life – it is a way of life. The article explains why Hindus often call their religion Sanatana Dharma, the “Eternal Religion.

Author:P L Sharma


Faith and Logic: Eternal Friends or Eternal Enemies
Faith is, however, under attack in recent years particularly in the West. Faith is also believed to be the source of fundamentalism and even terrorism. Science has weakened almost all religions and people are fast losing faith in religion, which is often portrayed as devoid of logic and reasoning. This article explains, how Logic and Faith are complementary to each other, and if they work in harmony, strengthen each other. In not understanding their proper role in the world, there lies a danger of destruction of the faith or trust of the humanity and if does happen so, the destruction would not be justified by using all human logic.

Author:Awdhesh K Singh


The World of Life
Many people live around us today and each of them has a different nature and different aspect of life among the people. First of all, in order to understand what is in us, we should know about consciousness, and about the functions of the body. As such, let us explore what is meant by the terms “consciousness” and “the human body”. Consciousness is the organ that expresses and decides one’s own intentions, and inputs what we see, hear and learn. The human body is our body itself, and is the organ that exists for the act of consciousness and its growth.

Author:Meok Kim


Dreams: The Pigments of the Imagination of God
The magic of dream is profound and so is the mystery behind the dreams. Dreams and imagination gives us hope and vision. Poets and philosophers attach spiritual meaning and significance to dream. Eileen Elias Freeman said “Pay attention to your dreams - God`s angels often speak directly to our hearts when we are asleep. Scientists, however, don’t assign any special significance to dream due to lack of scientific evidences. They consider dreams to be the effort by our cognitive system to make sense out of the neural activity of the brain during the sleep. Read this article to know the true meaning of dream that provides the synthesis between scientific and spiritual explanation of dreams.

Author:Awdhesh K Singh


The Mystery of Sleep
Sleep is one of the most mysterious things for scientists. Psychologists believe that sleep serves the restorative function, allowing the brain to rest and recover from the wear and tear of the day’s activity. Deprivation of sleep can have serious effect on the physical and mental health of the human beings. Scientists are, however, confused about the true justification for sleep as it does not appear to be necessarily for any physiological reason. This has lead some scientists to even conclude that sleep has no biological function and is simply a sort of habit. Indian philosophy, however, provides convincing explanation to the mystery of sleep.

Author:Awdhesh K Singh


The Gospel of the Celestial Song-I
Emanating, as it does, from the mouth of the Lord, the Bhagvadgita or the Gita, as it is popularly known the world over, has been a perennial source of inspiration to millions and millions of mankind from times immemorial. The Gita is the epitome of all scriptures – sarva shastramayi gita (Mahabharat – Bhishma Parv, 44.4). The Gita gives to the mankind a unique message of the philosophy of action. Gita can serve as a practical guide to the tormented mankind to find the right path when faced with the most challenging circumstances of life.

Author:Dinesh Singh


The Concept of Salvation
The concept of salvation has been dealt with, in some way or the other, in almost every religion of the world. The word ‘salvation’ has been derived from the Latin salvare, which means to ‘to save’. Its equivalent words carrying the same meaning and used in some of the eastern religions are moksha or mukti (liberation) and ‘redemption’. Read this Article to know more about the concept of salvation in different religions of the world.

Author:Dinesh Singh


Complexity to Reality
The word ‘complexity’ originates from the Latin word ‘complexes’ which means ‘totality’ and signifies ‘entwined’ or ‘twisted together’. In mathematical terms, a complex number is written as ‘a + ib’, in which ‘a’ is a real term and ‘ib’ is the imaginary term. The imaginary numbers have a relationship to the real world. They might not be in the world of man’s common experience, especially if the experience is overly linear. But a deeper, multidimensional view of numbers – of the Universe- reveals these intricate relationships, and thus their ‘realness’. They exist because they stand in relation to that which we can see, feel and know

Author:Dr P Sriram



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The Language of Unspoken Words
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Signatures of the Soul: Thin Slicing the Snap Judgments
Snap judgment, Intuition, Thin Slicing, Sixth Sense or intelligence have always been mystery to science. Read this article to understand these mysteries of human mind.
The Essence of Human Intelligence
This article unveils the mystery of human intelligence by applying the principles of Aatmic Science based on the principles of Gita and Upanishads.
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