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The Aatmic Science Foundation is a Not-for-Profit Organization registered under the Registration of Societies Registration Act 1860. The registered office of the foundation is “26-D /1 Pannalal Road, Allahabad. India 211002.

The main objective of the Foundation is to promote the research of the Aatmic Science or “the science of Soul”. Traditionally, soul has been associated with religion and philosophy. The scientists have never accepted the existence of soul as the soul imperceptible to the senses. The scientific investigations are essentially based on the measurable quantities which can be seen, felt and perceived. However, science without soul is unable to properly account for the innumerable phenomenon of the universe and human life.

The Foundation has undertaken to promote the research of the scientific evidence of soul, hence seeks to discover “Aatmic Science” or “The Science of the Soul”. The broad objectives of the foundation are as following

  1. Educational
  2. To promote scientific interpretation of the rich  philosophical traditions of the East and the West with special focus on the philosophy of the Upanishads and the Bhagavad-Gita;
  3. To educate people about the concept of the Aatmic Science and its application to the various aspects of our day-to-day life – civilization and culture, health and hygiene, art and music, education and entertainment etc;
  4. Publication of books, magazines and journals on subjects relevant to the aims and objects of the Foundation;
  5. To organize Conferences/ Seminars in India and abroad on topics relevant to the concept of the Aatmic Science.
  6. To promote and/or run academic institutions and research centers to teach, popularize and conduct philosophical research on the Aatmic Science;
  7. To help forge a synthesis between spirituality and materialism, body and soul, science and religion, faith and dogma, excessive consumerism and asceticism, happiness and hedonism, the Oriental and the Occidental etc.;
  8.  Exploring and harmonizing the basic truths of all world religions to the end of finding a universal religion for the mankind;
  9.  Hosting a website of the Foundation to educate people about the activities of the Foundation.


  1.   Charitable
  2. To promote and encourage excellence in various walks of life;
  3. To offer subscriptions and contributions to support other public charities;
  4. Creation, development and maintenance of gardens, gymnasiums, physical culture centers and other means of public recreation and advancement of public health and hygiene;
  5. Distribution of food and clothing to the needy;
  6. Development and maintenance of orphanage or houses for the poor;
  7. Promotion of education and learning through establishment of schools, colleges and public libraries;
  8.  Development of institutions for the alleviation of all sorts of human suffering;
  9. Offering medical relief like setting up of dispensaries, hospitals, nursing homes, sanatoriums, asylums and distribution of medicines;
  10. To help the needy and deserving irrespective of their caste, creed, colour or sex.


Who is Eligible to become Member of Foundation?
The Aatmic Science Foundation invites the Indian Nationals to join the Foundation as a Member for life. Any adult person of Indian nationality, (including NRIs with Indian passport), who is not a lunatic or insolvent nor is involved in any criminal activity, shall be eligible for membership of the Foundation for life.

Membership Fee     
The membership fee for joining the Foundation as a life member is only Rs. 1000/-. Te membership fee is not refundable.


(a)     In the event of death of a member, his/her membership will   be automatically discontinued. If, however, he/she voluntarily resigns, his/her membership will be deemed to discontinue from the date on which his/her resignation is accepted by the Executive Committee.

(b)      If a member, after he/she has joined the Foundation, becomes involved in any criminal activity and is punished by a court of law, or he/she is declared insolvent, or he/she loses his/her mental equilibrium, or his/her conduct is found, in the opinion of the Executive Committee, to be detrimental to the overall interest of the Foundation, the Executive Committee will take prompt action to disqualify him by a resolution in this regard, which will be subsequently ratified by the General Body at its next meeting.
(c)      The membership is not transferable.









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