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    Frequently Asked Questions


    What is Aatmic Science Forum?

    The Aatmic Science forum is the venture of “The Aatmic Science Foundation”, to provide a Forum for exchange of the views on the science of soul. The Forum publishes articles illustrating the synergy between science and religion, matter and soul.

    What is The Aatmic Science Foundation?

    The Aatmic Science Foundation is a Not-for-Profit Organization registered under the Registration of Societies Act 1860 of India. The registered office of the foundation is “26/1 Pannalal Road, Allahabad. India 211002.

    What is the difference between the Aatmic Science and Science?

    Science deals with the material objects and realities which can be seen, felt and experienced by the senses. The scientific theories are based on the empirical evidences based on the probabilistic theory. Aatmic science believes that each material reality is the manifestation of the imperceptible reality called “soul” of the material reality. The soul and the matter are identical to each other like the mirror image. Yet the senses could experience only the material reality which is the realm of science. Thus Aatmic Science can be considered as the superset of science which encompasses the scientific truth of all branches of knowledge.

    What is the difference between the Aatmic science and philosophy?

    Though it is difficult to define philosophy, yet at the broader level the philosophy deals with the imperceptible realities of the human beings like soul, human nature etc. However, the philosophical experiences are believed to be personal and not possible to establish by experimentation. Thus every one has a personal philosophy of life. The Aatmic science believes that since the matter is the reflection of the soul, hence what is true in spiritual or philosophical world should also be true in science if the principles of philosophies are applied properly. Thus the Aatmic science is the synthesis of science and philosophy. Aatmic science is broadly developed by the synthesis of Indian philosophy of Gita and the modern science.

    How Aatmic Science is different than Religion?

    Aatmic Science is NOT a science of religion which is a matter of faith. Aatmic science is the science of Soul (Atman). Religious texts are considered to be the gospel truth often spoken by God or prophet. However, Aatmic Science does not believe in any blind observance of religious text. However, it does not treat science and religion as mutually exclusive but considers them as the two different facets of the Absolute Truth. Aatmic Science is thus a discovery of the absolute truth without being bound by any dogma, specialization or ideology. It welcomes truth irrespective of its association. The Aatmic science theories are open for discussion and even criticism.

    Why the scientific knowledge is inadequate to explain all realities of life?

    Science has limited itself with the logic which can be proven by the help of material and measurable evidences while no matter can exist independent of the soul.  The science is satisfied by partial truth like by knowing what it is without knowing why it is. For example, it can tell that air is made of oxygen and nitrogen in a particular proportion yet it can not explain how the air was created? It tells us that an atom consists of a nucleus made of positively charged proton and neutral neutron and the negatively charged electron revolves around it. Yet it can not throw any light on the knowledge as to how the atom was made, why the protons does not repel each other etc.

    How can I join as “member” of Aatmic Science Forum?

    Any person who believes in the principles of Aatmic Science can join as the Member of Aatmic Science Forum for FREE. Please register yourself by clicking “New User Sign Up” icon. All the Aatmic Science Forum member shall automatically be send the Aatmic Science Newsletter.

    What is the fee or charges for joining Aatmic Science Forum?

    There is no fee for joining Aatmic Science Forum.

    How can I get the Aatmic Science Newsletter?

    Please simply enter your Name and email address in the “Aatmic Science Newsletter” column displayed on the bottom of the left side of the home page. You need not to be a member to receive the newsletter.

    What are the benefits of being a member of Aatmic Science Forum?

    All the members who are registered with Aatmic Science Forum can access all the articles, research papers of the Forum free. They will also be automatically enrolled for the Aatmic Science Newsletter.

    How can I join The Aatmic Science Foundation?

    The Aatmic Science Foundation can be joined by filling up the membership form and by paying the membership fee of Rs 1000 or more. The membership is for Life and it is opened for the Indian National only for the time being.

    What are the benefits of joining Aatmic Science Foundation?

    The Aatmic Science Foundation is the parent body of all the activities to promote the concept and research on the science of soul (Aatmic Science) including the Aatmic Science Forum. Your membership fee shall be used by the foundation in spreading the message of foundation across the world.  All the expenses for developing and maintaining the website is born by the Foundation. By joining the foundation as member you can play an important role in deciding the policies of the foundation and spread of the message of Aatmic science. All the decisions of the foundation are done by the majority vote of the members in the General Body Meeting (GBM). Hence as member you can decide the destiny of the foundation and forum. On joining, you shall be issued an ID card by the Foundation which will entitle you the special privileges of member in the activities of the Foundation as announced by the Foundation from time to time.

    Shall I receive any unsolicited emails, if I give my email address?

    Aatmic science is a NOT-FOR PROFIT organization. It has no commercial purpose except propagation of the theories and principles of Aatmic Science in the best interest of humanity. We value your privacy. We want the people to know the complete truth of science and human life which is lost in the race of professionalism and statistical data. We have no intention to share your personal information with anyone else for any purpose. We want to assure that you shall not be sent any email except the newsletter.

    How can I contribute to the Aatmic science Forum?

    We need your articles and views on the articles published on this forum. Please write articles, research papers or case studies on the topics of Aatmic science. Please visit our submission page for more details.
    You may join us in propagation of the principles of Aatmic science across the world if you are convinced of the principles of the Aatmic science. If you like an article or concept of this Forum than please recommend this site to your friends.
    You can organize local seminars, conference for informing the people about the Aatmic science.
    Write to us to know more about how you can contribute to this Forum to make the world a more enlightened place.

    How can I invite the Aatmic Science authors for Lecture?

    The Aatmic Science authors may be invited for lecture subjected to the terms and conditions prescribed by Aatmic Science Foundation. You can send your request info@aatmicscience.com








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