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Science of Soul Magazine and website inaugurated

We are extremely happy to inform you that The Aatmic Science Foundation released its maiden print magazine Science of Soul and launched its website ScienceofSoul.com at a function organized at the India International Centre (Annexe) New Delhi on 30th September 2007. The theme of the inaugural issue of the magazine was the much-needed synthesis between spirituality and science. 



Dr. J. P. Singh IAS (Retd) holding his PhD in Samkhya Yoga from the School of Oriental and African Studies University of London a distinguished civil servant and an ex-Secretary to  the Government of India was the Chief Guest at the function.  The Special guest of the function was Mr. Madhukar an Ex-Member SEBI and former CMD of United Bank of India was a special guest on the occasion.


Dr J P Singh lauded in glowing terms the noble aim with which the magazine Science of Soul has been published and called it a courageous venture on the part of the Foundation. He explained the development of spiritual thought in the Indian tradition right from the Vedas to the Upanishads the Bhagvadgita and the six schools of Indian philosophy. He observed that there was a wealth of age-old spiritual knowledge which needed to be interpreted with a scientific temper in order to make it relevant to the present times. Efforts should be made to bring spirituality and science closer to each other. He called the publication of the magazine a right step in this direction.  Dr Singh also launched Scienceofsoul.com the website of the magazine to spread the eternal knowledge of Indian and western philosophy to the entire world for the modern generation. 


Speaking on the occasion Mr. A K Singh, a founding member of the Foundation explained the concept of Aatmic Science or the Science of Soul. He quoted Einstein to explain that all sciences arts and religions are the branches of the same tree. The purpose of all branches of knowledge is to discover the Truth which Einstein often called the Thoughts of God". Upanishads stated that every man is reflection of the Universe (Aham Bramasmi). Thus one can discover the truth either by the observation of the external worlds i.e. by scientific investigations or by the internal contemplation i.e. by intuition or discovering within itself which is the method of artists and philosophers. However both methods are equally useful for the discovery of the Truth as they both lead to the same end.


He also explained the features of the website ScienceofSoul.com which is designed to fulfill the need of the modern generation who are internet-savvy and possesses the scientific temper. He explained that ScienceofSoul.com is not merely the website of the magazine Science of Soul but also it is designed to serve as a one-point destination to provide answers to all the questions of Science Religion Spirituality and Philosophy.


The salient features of the ScienceofSoul.com are as following:


1. Read Science of Soul Articles Online: All articles published in the Science of Soul magazine including the articles published in the previous issues are available on the website. So you can read the articles from anywhere in the world. The website also enables you to rate the articles post comments on them and even discuss their article.


2. Read New Articles Daily: ScienceofSoul.com not only publishes the articles of the magazine Science of Soul but also publishes articles received on-line from authors from across the world. So whenever you visit our website you may have some new article to read.


3. Recommended Articles: SceinceofSoul.com has a-special provision for providing links to the articles that are recommended by our readers and experts. So you not only read the articles published on scienceofsoul.com but also those which are published on any other sites of the world.


4. Discussion Forum: The issues of Religion and Science can be better understood by honest discussions among spiritually inclined people. The website provides a feature called Discussion Forum where you can discuss any issue on spirituality and science with other members.


5. Ask Our Expert: If you have any question(s) that need an- expert to answer you can post your question(s) on this feature called Ask a Question. Your questions will be forwarded to experts and you will get their answers bye-mail and the website.


Sri Dinesh Singh, the president of the Foundation, in his speech gave a lucid exposition of the concept of the Aatmic Science.   He described Soul or Atman as the unchangeable immutable and eternal reality beneath the apparent flux of change and diversity in the universe. It is the Eternal Truth of life and is not different from the truth of science. Truth is the goal of all sciences arts and every other branch of knowledge. He also described various feature of the magazine Science of Soul.  The synthesis between science and religion was the theme of this inaugural issue of the magazine and several articles on this subject were published in this issue. A couple of Hindi articles have also been included for the benefit our Hindi readers. Moreover for the benefit of those who might be interested in the spiritual message of the Gita an article titled THE GOSPEL OF THE CELESIAL SONG” is being carried as a regular feature of the magazine.


 Mr. Madhukar,the special guest on the occasion, spoke about the need of bringing to light the hidden truths of religion and explaining their significance in a language which could be understood by the common man. He noted that our pauranic stories were aimed at telling the truths of the Vedas and the Upanishads to the common man. He hoped that the science of soul shall be able to provide solution to the real life problems of the mankind like heart attack obesity and other ailments that is inflicting the modern world.



Please visit the website ScienceofSoul.com to register yourself as member and use various features of the website.


With best wishes


 Dinesh Singh,

Editor, Aatmic Science Forum








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