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Infinitesimal but be a true particle of the Universe

A few months ago, a cartoon published in a Danish journal resulted in a worldwide turmoil and it indeed proved how a small event can turn the tables globally. Neither the initiation of a trouble can be predicted nor its exact date of closure. This type of events shatters many lives and their siblings suddenly could not absorb the shock instantly. In these situations, some people retort immediately and some keep quiet thinking how a single person can do to change the global events.  But, one should realize that their descent on to this earth is for a specified purpose and everyone should put their sincere effort to do something good to the society. If it is a good effort, certainly its results will be seen immediately or after a period of time (sometimes this time may extend beyond some years).


Newton proposed his famous laws of motion during 17th century, and the first rocket launching took place precisely after three centuries, for which his third law of motion is the basis. Similarly, Einstein’s theory of relativity was ignored for some decades and later-on it proved its might. The incident of throwing away of Gandhi from the train, took more than three decades to make India an independent country.   That is how a small and sincere effort shows its effects after a period.  This can be verified from small events or instances that exist in the world.  For example, take a resident of Hyderabad, which is the Capital city of Andhra Pradesh. Andhra Pradesh is one amongst the 28 states of India and India is one of the 193 countries on the Earth. Earth is one of the nine planets in the solar system, which in turn is part of the mighty galaxy (a collection of millions of stars). This galaxy may be one of the ensembles of galaxies (which are certainly an infinite entity).  Though all the above Universal comparison makes an individual (one amongst 6 billions of people) an infinitesimal creature in one of the billions of others creatures that live in this Universe, but still he should get a positive thought from the examples given below:


1. Time: The age of the Universe is believed to be more than 3 billion years and the general life span of a human being is around 70-80 years. So, in the scale of millions of years, the life span of a human being is infinitesimal. Though the life span itself is infinitesimal, there are efforts to count even the 1000th of a second (known as millisecond, 10 -3 sec). This knowledge of millisecond dates-back to the puranik ages, wherein the time scale starts with 1/18000 part of a second, that too basing on the solar chart of years, decades and centuries. The millisecond is generally known as a ‘split second’ (which is called in Telugu as Thruti). In the present age of nano scale (10 -9), it is indeed necessary to discretely count the difference between milliseconds also. In GPS navigational satellite systems, an error of one millisecond corresponds to an error of 300 kms. That is the importance of an infinitesimal part of the time. Though there are centuries that are rolled-out, but every tiny part of a second is as important as the mighty centuries.


2. The Scale of the Universe: Synonym to the above concept, the nano-meter itself is gaining significance in the hardware technology (storage devices) of the computers, and the time has come to store a GB data in a hard disk of a button size. Using the optical and laser technology (holography), the scientists have developed hard disks of TB capacity (one TB is equal to 1000 GB). The basic scale though starts with a meter as a basic unit, the Universal scale goes beyond light years (a light year is the distance covered by light in a year, i.e. 300,000 km per second). The sun rays takes about 8 minutes to reach earth and they take about 0.04 seconds to cover the earth’s diameter. The light takes 8 billionth of a second to cover the height of a person, while it take 13.8 billion years to cover the entire Universe, but that the object that is being covered in 0.04 seconds as more important for a man. So, this again exemplifies how valid is a meter even though the earth itself is an infinitesimal part of the mighty Universe.



3. The visible light: The above two aspects are practically evident, if the entire electro magnetic spectrum is considered comparing the size of the wavelength of visible light. The beauty of the electro-magnetic wave is, it is an ensemble of two perpendicularly polarized waves, but precisely travels longitudinally in the same direction. Though they are of different characteristics (electrical and magnetic fields) but their beautiful association makes it a part of the entire mankind and to that matter, to the Universe also. 


The electromagnetic spectrum is a continuum of all electromagnetic waves arranged according to frequency and wavelength. This spectrum includes not only visible light (only a small portion of this spectrum) but also ultraviolet and infrared, microwave, radio and gamma waves. The sun, earth, and other bodies radiate electromagnetic energy of varying wavelengths. All electromagnetic energy passes through space at the speed of light (300 million meters per second) in the form of sinusoidal waves, ranging from ultrasonic to ultraviolet radiations. Radiation is defined by its wavelength and frequency. The frequencies following the audio frequency range are known as radio waves (used in radio/TV/phones, ovens etc) and the frequencies goes beyond GHz (one Hz is one cycle per second) and meets the tiny part of the EM spectrum, i.e. the visible light frequencies, whose wavelengths (frequency is wavelength/second) range between 400 to 700 nanometers. This tiny part of the EM spectrum gives light to the entire universe and also take part in communication technology. Beyond this visible light range, the radiations are known as infrared, ultraviolet, X-rays and gamma rays. So, it is clearly evident that the tiny portion of the entire EM Spectrum plays a very vital role for the Universe. So, being an infinitesimal part of the large spectrum, the light does show the light to all.


4. Ozone: The earth’s atmosphere is a composition of several gases comprising of oxygen, nitrogen, water and argon molecules (99.94 percent of the total composition) and in the remaining 0.6  percent of the gas, there are seven more molecules of which Ozone content is less than 0.01  percent. Though it is available in a small fraction in the air, but that is the only molecule which protects the mankind from the dangerous ultraviolet radiations emitted from the Sun. To protect this tiny presence of ozone in the neutral atmosphere of the earth, millions of dollars are being spent and several reforms are introduced by the global community to reduce the emission of CFC gases (from refrigerant gas). So, in this case also, though the quantum of Ozone is infinitesimal in the atmosphere, it plays a vital role for the protection of the mankind.


5. Language: Similarly there are thousands of languages in the world (24 official languages in India) and 87 local language papers are published in India. Though there are so many languages (about 3000 in the world), if a person is strong enough in one language, he can make a significant impact on the mankind from his writings. For example, many of the old literature are written in Sanskrit or Greek, but they are now widely read in other languages also (after the translation). Many of the Japanese inventions are written in their mother tongue, but their variants translated into other languages are very much essential to understand or utilize their inventions. Hence, it may be inferred that even if a person is strong in one language out of the thousands of languages in the World, but still he can influence the entire world with his writings.


6. Tip of the pin: When compared to the surface area of a human body or any living body (elephant or hippo etc), the surface area of the tip of a pin is infinitesimal. Even then, if a pin is pinched onto a living body, it creates lot of pain and results in instant response in the body. This again exemplifies how a tiny pointed pin can create a significant impact in a living body.



The above examples explain how a tiny portion of a combined composition can make the difference by virtue of its properties or its basic unitization (See the two quotations given at the end of the conclusion). Suppose, in case of budget preparation, the amounts will be in Lakhs of Crores of rupees or billions of dollars, but never the less they are built-up from a Paise or a Cent. Similarly, the mighty milky-way or galaxy is an ensemble of tiny dust particles to mighty planets and stars. The same is the case with a substance, which is an ensemble of small atoms and molecules. The present Nano-technology and the DNA technology aims at targeting the smallest possible size of sub-atomic particles so as to control or prepare a customized forms of different substances for better utility with less power and economy.



It’s a known fact that the present day Internet is the networking of millions of computers that are spread across the globe. If a small virus program is generated at one of these computers and allowed to spread through the internet, the effect is catastrophic. Same is the case with atom bomb and other nuclear devices. On the positive side, even these atomic powers are being utilized in power generation and submarines. Another example is, if one notorious foreign national creates panic in another Country, it brings bad name to his parent country, though this one person is one amongst millions of citizens. Hence, it is said in Vedik and Puranik literature that the subtle bodies are more powerful than the physical bodies, as the thought/will power is, sometimes, strong enough to change the entire humanity. This is proved from the bloody bath through 9/11 attacks in US. In other way, the simple thought of providing a user friendly GUI-windows screen for computers, Bill Gates et. Al. has revolutionized the computer utility in a very efficient manner. Windows XP/2000 has more than 10000 basic system files and 6000 program files. If any of these basic files are corrupted, the entire Windows-OS may malfunction. So is the case with cell phones (the higher the frequency lesser the requirement of power), which now makes them compatible to internet, video and data storage. Had these millions of cell conversations mixed-up in the air, all the information becomes noise.


Mrs PT Usha knows the exact meaning of one hundredth of a second, when she missed the Olympic medal by that tiny part of a second. Similarly, the true effect of a pin-hole is better realized when the tube gets punctured during an urgent/long journey. Now-a-days, these pin-holes are also playing havoc with thousand of children’s hearts. Another example in languages is, the famous compositions by Saint Thyagaraja written in Telugu, which are well sung in Telugu by many artists and music lovers all over the country. Hence it should be realized that every part of a second, every sub-atomic particle, every small and concentric effort and every penny counts in measuring the global scales in the respective fields. That is the reason, that every one should feel responsible for the welfare of the mighty globe, though they are one amongst the billions of world population. So, why can’t everybody try to feel that ‘I exist and I can make the difference?’ So, every one should feel their responsibility and contribute their infinitesimal efforts for the mighty cause.


Author:Dr Pilla Sriram



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