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Why Support Us

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The Aatmic Science Foundation has been set up with a mission to create a synergy between the different forms of knowledge which have evolved over millions of years of human evolution in different parts of the world. In the modern world, the distances between people are reducing and the diffusion of people, cultures and knowledge are taking place. The process of diffusion is however, not smooth as every society is zealously guarding its cultures and values. We have been traditionally trained to treat everything foreign with suspicion. Even within science, numerous specializations have mushroomed over the years. Specialists are increasingly developing a tunnel vision of the reality and unable to see the holistic picture of the world. This tunnel vision is blocking our view of the complete reality. This is leading to conflict often called as the conflict of civilization.

Aatmic Science is an ambitious project to synthesize science, philosophy, religion, psychology, physicality, technology and every other form of knowledge as it believes that all the different forms of knowledge are like different part of a single living entity. Each have brown from a single cell, each connected with other and none can exist without the soul. This soul is the only Absolute Truth. Aatmic Science is the Science of the Soul. Only if we make an attempt to discover this single truth which is soul, we can create synergy and harmony amongst the people.

Aatmic science thus attempt to fuse knowledge of the east and the west to create the synthesis of the modern science with the ancient philosophy of Gita. Our researches have revealed that the journey of Aatmic Science is not fruitless as the Indian philosophy can answer many such questions which science is still groping in the dark. We have already published many such studies on this website. Our experience suggest that such valuable knowledge has to be taught to the people not in the language of faith but in the language of science. We have to thus carryout extensive research to discover the truth of the Indian wisdom of Veda, Upanishads and Gita.

Good research can’t be carry out without a good organization and financial support. The Aatmic Science Foundation has been set up to fulfill the requirement of such organization. However, the Foundation has just started and it needs funds and support from the people who believes in the similar mission.

You are therefore, requested to support us in all possible means for the benefit of science and mankind.














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