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Why Join Us?

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In the recent years, the advent of scientific knowledge and scientific inventions have reduced the faith of people in their religion. All over the world, young people are drifting toward science. The scientific knowledge is based on material manifestations of reality that is changing continuously. It is like the human body which is changing every day since the childhood to the death of a person. The scientific knowledge is similar to this physical manifestation of life which is born, grows, becomes old and finally dies.

The student of science knows that the entire modern science is not more than five centuries old. The most splendid inventions of science like electricity, computers, telecommunications, and airplanes are hardly older than two centuries. Baring a few exceptions, all scientific theories of today are less than few decades old. Thus we find that the scientific knowledge is ephemeral like a bubble. Every day we read in newspapers about some scientific theory that advises us to follow a particular diet or lifestyle. However, within a few months (sometimes within a few days), we find the theory to be contradicted by another theory which proves the previous finding to be false. Thus, even though we can’t say what the future theories of science would be, we can say one thing with certainty that almost all the theories of science of today would be replaced by newer theories by the end of this century.

Unlike scientific theories based on material observations, the theories of the Vedas, the Upanishads and the Gita are not based on any material experiments but solely based on deep introspection of the self.   Since man himself is the supreme creation of God and reflection of the Supreme Intelligence of the universe, he could discover the truths which science can never hope to discover. It is because of this reason that the Gita is perhaps the only book in the world, which is widely referred to by people of all nationalities, faiths and beliefs, and it has not lost its relevance and usefulness over thousands of years.

However, the wisdom of the Gita is shrouded in mystery, which needs to be interpreted afresh in a different period like ours. It is as mysterious as a human being. While it is easy to measure the physical attributes of a man, like his weight, height etc., it is very difficult to understand his nature and mind. The Gita is thus like a live knowledge which has to be understood with devotion. In the Gita Lord Krishna states:
He who propounds this supreme mystery (of the Gita) to My devotees shall, by that act of highest devotion to Me, surely come to Me. Nor among men is there any who renders dearer service to Me than he; nor shall there be on earth any more beloved by Me than he. (Gita, XVIII, 68, 69).

The Aatmic Science Foundation has been established for the purpose of bringing home the perennial truth of the Gita to the modern generations who are not willing to accept any theory as a gospel truth. As such the wisdom of the Gita has to be reinterpreted in the light of the development of scientific knowledge. Only by establishing a scientific basis for its principles, we can convince the present generation including scientists and even the atheist about the wisdom of the Gita. The Foundation wants to develop new theories based on the philosophy of the Gita, which can be proved by scientific investigations and thus solve the problems of the modern world.

When you join the Foundation as a member, you can play a useful role in giving the right direction to the Foundation. All the policies and activities of the Foundation are guided by the majority opinion of its members in a democratic manner. The membership fee (Rs 1000/= only) paid by you shall be used exclusively for attaining the objectives of the Foundation.

The Aatmic Science Forum (ASF) is the first venture of the Foundation to spread the knowledge of the Aatmic Science (The Science of Soul) to every corner of the world. The Forum publishes articles, research papers, case studies and views from experts all over the world. These articles are posted on our website at regular intervals.  Membership of the Aatmic Science Forum is free to all the people across the world. 
You can join the Aatmic Science Forum free by simply registering at the website. All members of the Forum shall have full access to all the articles posted at this website besides getting free ‘newsletters’ from the Foundation.

How to Help in promotion of the Study of Aatmic Science

You can help us in carrying out the necessary research, studies and investigations to establish the theories of the Aatmic Science.  There are many ways you can contribute in spreading the concept of Aatmic Science to the world.

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Please visit to our Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) page for more information.

You can also write to us on info@aatmicscience.com  for any other information













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